Oil and Gas

Oil plant on ocean
Oil and Gas

On the 24th of February 2022, Total Energies made a significant discovery on the Venus prospect. On the 04th February 2022, Shell announced that the Groff-1 deepwater exploration made a discovery of light oil. On the 06th of March 2023, Shell made a third oil discovery in the Jonker-1 deepwater exploration well in the Orange Basin. We advise governments, National Oil Companies (NOC’s), International Oil Companies (IOC’s), Independent petroleum companies and service companies on the entire oil and gas value chain from exploration, production, storage, transportation, marketing and selling of fuels and lubricants. We also advise on local content legislating and fiscal and petroleum legal regimes. The recent oil discoveries have confirmed Namibia’s deepwater potential, consolidating its position as a hydrocarbon exploration hotspot.


The upstream sector involves the exploration and production of oil and gas. It is a unique sector that requires an in-depth understanding of business, legal and regulatory considerations prevailing in the industry. We advise and provide the below legal and business advisory services:

  • Legal and business advisory to companies active in the petroleum upstream sector
  • Legal, regulatory and business aspects of obtaining exploration and production licenses
  • Exploration and production of hydrocarbons
  • Confidentiality agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Buying and selling participating interests in petroleum licenses
  • Buying and selling oil and gas-producing assets
  • Due diligence buying and selling Exploration and Production companies (E&P)
  • Joint Operating Agreements (JOA)
  • Farm-in Agreements / Farm-out Agreements
  • Drilling Agreements
  • Areas of Mutual interest Agreements
  • Joint Study Agreements
  • Joint Bidding Agreements
  • Seismic Acquisition & Interpretation Contracts
  • Disposal and sale of hydrocarbons
  • Data Exchange Agreements
  • Accounting Procedures
  • Well Services contracts
  • Lifting Agreements


Between the upstream (exploration and production) and the downstream (refining and marketing oil products) is the midstream which entails pipelines, transportation and storage. We advise and provide the below legal and business advisory services:

  • Building, operating and leasing of natural gas pipelines
  • Pipeline construction contracts
  • Pipeline operation contracts
  • Fuel transportation agreements
  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) carriers


The downstream sector entails the refining and marketing of petroleum and petrochemicals products. There is a lot of downstream activities in Africa where refined petroleum products are sold to various countries and that requires industry advisers. We advise and provide the below legal and business advisory services:

  • Sale of petroleum products
  • Fuel supply agreements
  • Retailer dealer agreements
  • Throughput agreements
  • Sale of crude oil