Chambers and Partners -Energy: Oil & Gas 2023 Namibia Trends and Development

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We are delighted to be a contributing firm to the Energy: Oil & Gas 2023 with Chambers Global Practice Guide. Our commentary contributed by our Managing Partner, Shakwa Nyambe and Senior Associate, Shafimana Shimakeleni, sheds light on the latest trends and developments in the exciting and ever-evolving oil and gas sector in Namibia. This includes […]

Energy: Oil & Gas 2022 -Trends and Developments

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Introduction The Republic of Namibia – also known as the “Land of the Brave” – is a largely unexplored frontier. The recent offshore discoveries by Total Energies and Shell, as well as the confirmation of a working petroleum system onshore in the Kavango Basin by Reconnaissance Energy Namibia, has now placed Namibia in the limelight; […]

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Elite local advice is crucial for African oil and gas projects, say energy law experts Shakwa Nyambe and Shafimana Shimakeleni, who discussed this need with Craig Sisterson. It’s vital for multinational oil companies operating in African nations like Namibia to work with specialised local firms who deeply understand the energy sector if they want to […]

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International energy companies operating in Africa need to understand and adjust to many local legal requirements, and must look carefully at the way applicable laws have been interpreted by local courts and regulators, says Shakwa Nyambe, Managing Director of Namibian firm SNC Incorporated. Namibia is aiming for its first oil output later this decade following […]

Energy: Oil & Gas 2021

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Namibia: Trends & Developments Shakwa Nyambe and Shafimana Shimakeleni SNC Incorporated Trends and Developments Contributed by: Shakwa Nyambe and Shafimana Shimakeleni SNC Incorporated see p.6 The Republic of Namibia, also known as the “Land of the Brave”, is a largely unexplored frontier that has recently attracted interest from major and medium-sized oil companies. To date, […]


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COVID-19 UPDATE: NAMIBIA The Government of the Republic of Namibia have acted swiftly to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in Namibia by introducing a number of measures. Namibia registered her first two confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the 13th of March 2020 and on the 17th of March 2020, the Government declared a State of Emergency, […]